Friday, 7 September 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

We have a picture about which we write a story of 100 words, no more and no less.

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Benson felt the walls closing in around him and tried to take some deep breaths but it was too late. The panic attack was in full bloom and all he could do was ride it out.

Penny found him sitting on the bed, eyes glazed over and he was as white as a sheet. She stepped over to him and set about tickling him. When he started laughing she encouraged him. “Come on silly! The paper work is filled out and good to go. Time to jilt the bride, right at the altar, for her brother.

“Time for a wedding.”


Naomi Shaw said...

I want to know all the circumstances that led to this. And where is he off to instead of the church? Tell me more. Great flasher.

Unknown said...

I'm glad that Benson is finally coming to terms with who he is and I hope that he does go for the right sibling! Great flash Cyril!

Angelica Dawson said...

Oh wow... that's going to be one hell of a wedding. I think the brother might get shunned for a show like that. :(

gemma parkes said...

I thought he looked like he was getting tickled but couldn't come up with a flash around that, so well done, great post!

diannehartsock said...

Wow, what did the bride-to-be do to make him treat her so rotten? Sure, break it off if he wants her brother, but why at the alter? I want to know more...