Sunday, 25 September 2011

Six Sentence Sunday -- September 25

Matt's Magic Fingers

I felt Matt’s firm fingers dig into the muscles of my ass and I couldn’t stifle my moan. I stopped talking mid-sentence and I could not remember what I had been saying. He’d been working the area for a little while and I felt as if I had gone from a pliable puddle in his hand to a rock hard hormone. He lifted the sheet again, “On to your back again.”

I panicked. I could feel my dick trying to drill through the massage table and I knew there was no way to get myself under control before rolling over.

Matt's Magic Fingers is available now from xoxo publishing as part of Tina B's Alternative Romance Vol. 2

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Lisa Worrall said...

Snort - can't wait for Matt's face when he turns over !