Sunday, 18 September 2011

SSS -- Matt's Magic Fingers

Matt's Magic Fingers

"Okay I’ll step into the back room to grab supplies and give you three minutes of privacy to undress." His tone was authoritative and without giving it any thought I shucked my clothing, folding it and placing it on the small chair by the door. I hopped up on the table, covered myself completely with the sheet. I had wrapped myself from toes to Adam’s apple and I’d just settled down when he stepped back into the room wearing something that was a cross between an apron and a tool belt.
An image of him wearing nothing but that belt had my cock twitching, "Oh shit," I muttered.
"Pardon," he asked.

Matt's Magic Fingers is available now from xoxo publishing as part of Tina B's Alternative Romance Vol2.


Lisa Worrall said...

Teehee - I wonder what his answer was...?

Bonni S. said...

Can't conceal much under a sheet. I can picture the rest of the scene playing out as a fun one with oral sex. Hopefully. Love this six.

Muffy Wilson said...

Cyril..........I loved it! Your writing is fluid and very descriptive. And a little cliffhanger never hurts, unless it hurts good:) xo

Author Cyril J. Michael said...


Unknown said...

You had me with the tool belt! I am definitely putting this one on my to buy list!

Katie Harper said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Fan-freaking-tastic Cyril!!