Saturday, 28 January 2012

Unofficial Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to my Unofficial Six Sentence Sunday!

Kranz was having the worst day of his life.

He’d been ceremoniously dumped by his long-time boyfriend for a much younger version. So he was homeless and jobless (he knew it hadn’t been a good idea to get involved with his boss). His car had been quickly repossessed and his bank account closed. He had cut off all contact with family and friends when he’d become Arnold’s boytoy and now had no one to turn to.

And his drunken hook-up at the bar resulted in his premature death and introduction into vampire society.


gemma parkes said...

Brilliantly intriguing six Cyril!

Muffy Wilson said...

So he turned into the darkness for comfort, and never had a chance to leave.................loved it Cyril:) xo

Naomi Shaw said...

Great six. Would love to find out more

Unknown said...

remind me not to bitch about my next bad day. LOL. Good work. I'd say the man has no where to go but up from here. I look forward to reading his comeback.

VenusBookluvr said...

You've got me hooked -- I want more!