Friday, 10 August 2012

Flash Fiction Friday -- The Shrink

e have a picture about which we write a story of 100 words, no more and no less.

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The Shrink
As she stretched out on the funky lounger Douglas repeated his statement, “But tell me how you really feel.” The glare she gave him almost made him chuckle but he wanted to remain professional. He was pleasantly surprised when she’d agreed to his suggestion for today’s session. It wasn’t the first time he’d prodded in this direction but she constantly refused and he never wanted to push too far. He was so lucky she was so easy going with some of his more outlandish requests. After all not many psychologists would be so flexible by changing roles with their patients.


S.J. Maylee said...

Outlandish requests? Do tell :)
You've got me curious about these two. Intriguing flash.

diannehartsock said...

oooh, this could go somewhere very interesting! Very nice.

VenusBookluvr said...

I think there is way more to this little Flash! Great FFF!

Julian Spong said...

great flash

Teri said...

What a pleasant surprise! Role reversal x 100! )