Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tantalizing Teaser

Tantalizing Tuesday is all about writing 200 word Tantalizing Teasers, inspired by a personal picture prompt to post on Tuesdays. The emphasis is on having fun, pictures can be anything that takes our fancy. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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Gregory watched Hale push his child on the swing and envied them their bond, the absolute joy they showed in each other’s company. Gregory knew what a tough time this family was having but looking at them right now it was hard to see how fresh the wounds were. Gregory watched as his niece approached the pair and asked if Hale would push her too. Hale glanced Gregory’s way as if to ask permission and helped Trina into the swing and positioned himself between the two children who excitedly chatted with one another. Thinking now would be the best time to approach him about his sister’s suggestion Gregory got up from where he was sitting on the ground and walked over to the little group and jumped right in, “So Barbara said you were looking for daycare so you can go back to work. I can watch her during the day when I have Trina. The girls get along and it’s not a problem for me.” Gregory saw the doubts cross the other man’s face. “Look I know a male babysitter is a little unusual but I work from home and I have Trina so it wouldn’t be a problem.”


ER Pierce said...

Hmm, interesting CJM. I hope they work it out and everything goes smoothly :)

Don Abdul said...

Mmmm... something tells me there's so much more about to happen.

diannehartsock said...

Something tells me there's a whole story behind this tease. :) You have me curious.

Kharisma Rhayne said...

Great teaser...it's set up to be a terrific story and there's def a lot more to it :D

Naomi Shaw said...

There has to be a lot more to this fascinating story. I love it. Please carry it on :)

Julian Spong said...

Great piece. Nice to see a bit of role reversal with the male being the sitter and the female wanting to work

gemma parkes said...

I like your photo and your unusual story this week, that's the great thing about these Tuesday's, so much variety. Loved it.

Lee Brazil said...

Love it. Hope they get things settled and babysitting is just the beginning.

Muffy Wilson said...

Kids and puppies are the best props at luring unsuspecting lovers into your web of desire. Very well done. Loved it:) xo

Bonni S. said...

Hope there is more to come. You have the makings for a great story.

VenusBookluvr said...

Terrific TTT!

Molly Synthia said...

Really want to read the next ten thousand words. Great job drawing me in, here!

Sherry Palmer said...

Great tease cause it left me with may questions and this is often the whole point. I enjoyed it and wonder what the background story is.:)

Benjamin T. Russell said...

Wow Cyril, this is a very interesting and somewhat serious take on this picture. There are all kinds of questions swirling through my mind as a result of this teaser. It seems these are two single Dads with some shared pain in their lives. Lots of possibilities for this story. Fantastic