Sunday, 15 April 2012

Unofficial Six Sentence Sunday

I hope you enjoy my six sentences this Sunday. Because I keep forgetting to sign up every week I thought it was easier to simply create my own logo :-)

I hope you enjoy this snippet from a WIP. I'm enjoying writing this one.

“Wow, so that’s a picture of your piece that I saw. Sorry to hone in but when I saw that picture I felt as if I’d been searching for that piece forever and as corny as it sounds even as Ros here is filling it in I feel as if it has always belonged right over my heart.”

I didn’t know what to say so I chose to remain silent. This beautiful blond who so closely resembled my dream man made me uncomfortable. I really just wanted to hand over the cash to Ros and leave the pristine shop.

Again silence descended and I felt the need to fill it which honestly was completely unusual for me as I could go one or two days without actually speaking to anyone, now that text messaging and emails were so prevalent.

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