Sunday, 29 April 2012

Unofficial Six Sentence Sunday

I hope you enjoy my six sentences this Sunday. Because I keep forgetting to sign up every week I thought it was easier to simply create my own logo :-)

I'm playing around with another idea. Hope you ejoy this one!

Gregory tried not to eavesdrop, really he did but as he worked in the front office the neighbors’ voices carried and he heard every word as if he was part of the conversation. Ever since he’d moved in last year, he was privy to half their arguments and knew intimate details of their life. But it would seem that this would be the final one; she’d had enough and was leaving. Gregory heard the big man’s sobs and his heart ached for the child and his father. Brad was one of the nicest men Gregory had ever encountered and he’d been attracted to him at glance and was disappointed to find out he was married. Gregory personally thought they were better off without the selfish bitch and he would do whatever it took to make things easier for them.

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