Monday, 4 June 2012

Tantalizing Teaser

Tantalizing Tuesday is all about writing 200 word Tantalizing Teasers, inspired by a personal picture prompt to post on Tuesdays. The emphasis is on having fun, pictures can be anything that takes our fancy. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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“Hey man, got a smoke?” David frowned and bent back to his book. But the boy didn’t take the hint and kept circling the bench. “I just want one.” David shot him a glare before trying to get back into his book. The teen kept circling the bench and David lost his concentration. “Look even if I had a cigarette you’re too young to smoke. Now can you please leave me to my book and this nice weather?”

“Dude, I’m 16 and I’ve been smoking since I was 13.” He circled a few more times and David rose from the bench.

This kid was pissing him off. All he’d wanted to do was relax and enjoy the warm weather during his lunch break and read the book he’d been waiting months for.

“Are you gay? How old were you when you knew you liked guys?” He was about to rip into the boy when the slightly slumped shoulders and sad eyes broke through his anger.

“I guess I was younger than you. I work for the crisis center if you’d like to follow me there.” David handed him his business card and the book about a young man’s identity struggle.


Muffy Wilson said...

"... slightly slumped shoulders and sad eyes broke through his anger.". Cyril, I didn't know where you were taking me until that line broke into my heart. What an emtional post. I was moved. Loved it, very much.:) xo

diannehartsock said...

I'm glad the boy found David to help him rather than someone who might take advantage. Nicely written. You've caught my interest and sympathy.

Don Abdul said...

I loved that bit of compassion at the end. Very well written Cyril.

Naomi Shaw said...

Beautiful. A teaser worked with a variety of emotions. You are very gifted to include them in so few words

gemma parkes said...

Good, poignant story in so few words, well done Cyril, loved it.

Cassandre Dayne said...

What a wonderfully done and so different piece. I can feel the boys' angst in the whole piece. I think you should continued this one.

Angelica Dawson said...

Good of the narrator to pass up his lunch break to help another.

Julian Spong said...

Excellently written really liked it

VenusBookluvr said...


Havan said...

Wonderful. David was meant to be there for the boy. Perfect. <3

Leann Mitchell said...

Wow, I felt David's frustration with the kid at first and was thinking "Put a stick in the little jerks spokes." Then the end melted my heart. Great teaser!

Unknown said...

That was a wonderful peice. I enjoyed the way it was coreographed. Great work!

Benjamin T. Russell said...

Hmm, this is such a profound post on a lot of levels. The angst and the loneliness of youths struggling to find their sexual identities often has tragic consequences. I like the way this one ended with offer to help and to listen. Excellent.

Bonni S. said...

How emotional. It was also very well written. Thanks for sharing!