Monday, 18 June 2012

Tantalizing Teaser

Tantalizing Tuesday is all about writing 200 word Tantalizing Teasers, inspired by a personal picture prompt to post on Tuesdays. The emphasis is on having fun, pictures can be anything that takes our fancy. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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ER Pierce

Craig had surreptitiously taken the photo when Dunn’s eyes were closed. He knew Dunn loved him he had no doubt of his strong feelings. Dunn’s family had a legacy of military service and he followed the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Craig was fine with it but sometimes wished he could indulge in some public displays to show his affection. There was nothing wrong with their private displays! It was the simple acts he wanted to share most; the hand-holding, the quick hug or kiss. He wasn’t looking to grope in public. More than anything he wanted to squeeze the hand of the man he loved as he was recovering. If he had been conscious Craig would ask but this was a no win situation. If he went against Dunn’s wishes the other man might never forgive him but if he couldn’t claim more than friendship here at the hospital Craig was going to fall apart.
Dunn’s mother entered the room. Her sad eyes seemed to take in every minute detail. He got up relinquishing his chair to her and filled her in on the latest news from the nurse’s station.
She touched Craig’s shoulder, “Go on then, kiss him.”


Angelica Dawson said...

Awww I <3 his mom!

diannehartsock said...

Yea Mom! A very well written excerpt. Strong, and you did a wonderful job showing Craig's tightly controlled emotions. Love it!

Julian Spong said...

Great teaser really powerful and emotional

Molly Synthia said...

Great tease, Cyril. I enjoyed the urgency of his feelings and the clever way you ended it. Kudos!

Naomi Shaw said...

Go Mom! She understands! Excellently written showing the emotions of a love he feels denied to display except in private. Great teaser

Don Abdul said...

Great job Cyril, I love the way you portrayed Craig's frustration and deep emotions. Nice touch with Mom's approval too btw.

gemma parkes said...

Mum's always know, and we (hopefully) never judge. This piece flowed beautifully and was filled with emotion. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Touching, taboo, and beautifully written. Hot picture too! :)

VenusBookluvr said...

I loved this! So much emotion in only 200 words.

Unknown said...

I just bet there was nothing wrong with their private displays of affection! Perhaps we can witness it some time soon ;-)

Bonni S. said...

This was excellent. Go mom!!! Great post!