Sunday, 22 April 2012

Unofficial Six Sentence Sunday

I hope you enjoy my six sentences this Sunday. Because I keep forgetting to sign up every week I thought it was easier to simply create my own logo :-)

Dane was acting like a petulant child.

This night was important, Tim was being honoured by his peers and clients yet Dane decided to throw one of his famous fits because it wasn’t all about him. Tim had suggested Dane wear the Calvin Klein tux rather than the Ralph Lauren and that quickly his lover had striped himself naked and then silently sat in the foyer.

With a beleaguered sigh, he grabbed his overcoat and took one last glance in the mirror to ensure his suit was impeccable, thinking this was what he got for dating a much younger man.

The relationship if you could call it that was definitely over, in fact Tim felt like a fool for little his dick make all the decisions thus far. Tomorrow was time enough for a long overdue serious conversation, but tonight was his night and he wasn’t letting his sullen young lover ruin something he’d worked so hard for.

1 comment:

S.J. Maylee said...

Poor Tim. Poor Dane, he's the one sitting naked all alone :)
Either way trouble and more tension is coming. Way to throw your characters in the deep end :)